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Body and Sole offers you a warm welcome to all the benefits of Reflexology. We’ll provide a tailored treatment that that will focus on your body’s needs and requirements...

“everyone is an individual and so are our treatments”

Reflexology is suitable for men, women and children of all ages. It’s a very relaxing, non-invasive complementary therapy. It promotes self healing and encourages the whole body to return to its natural balance and equilibrium. Throughout the treatment the body will automatically respond where it needs to and will focus on the aspects of the body that require attention and aid.

There are many benefits of receiving a reflexology treatment.  Please find some examples below

· Energy levels may be increased
· Very relaxing
· Helps to relieve stress – which is an unavoidable part of modern living
· The body is encouraged to heal
· Detoxification takes place, with toxins being broken down and removed
· It can help to treat many ailments and to  restore health
· Provides the feeling of well being
· Helps the body deal with pain
· Can lift an individual’s mood
· Can help protect the body from potential illnesses and acts in a preventative manner
· Circulatory systems are improved – lymphatic and blood
· Can improve sleep/wake patterns
· Enables the body to return to its natural balanced state and functionality
Reflexology can also help a number of health problems through encouraging self healing. The following conditions can respond well to a course of reflexology treatments.
· Back pain and sciatica
· Shoulder pain
· Headaches and migraine
· Stress and anxiety
· Exhaustion
· Fertility
· Hormonal imbalances – menopause, PMT
· Sleep disorders
· Injuries
· Digestive conditions – IBS, colitis and others
· Sinus problems
· Circulatory problems
We can work either in our own treatment room or within the comfort of your own home.  We do try to encourage a visit to the treatment room as the atmosphere is both calming and relaxing.  It allows the client to really ‘get away from it all’ – a  tranquil and relaxing environment can facilitate exceptional results.

We are based in Wateringbury.